Thursday, September 11, 2008

Hung Shing

Hung Shing , also known as Hung Shing Ye and Tai Wong , was a government official in the Tang Dynasty named Hung Hei serving Pun Yue in present-day Guangdong, China.

He promoted the study and application of astronomy and geography, contributing to the well being of people under his governance, especially fishermen and sea traders. Unfortunately, he died young and after his death, fishermen in the surrounding area built many temples to worship him. An Emperor of Tang dynasty named him to be Nam Hoi Kwong Li Hung Shing Tai Wong , lit. the Saint King Hung the Widely Beneficial of South Sea. It is usually shortened to Hung Shing or Tai Wong.

His birthday is 13th day of 2nd month in Chinese calendar.


His temple is widely found every corner in Hong Kong under the name of Hung Shing Miu or Tai Wong Miu .

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