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Yaoguai or yaomo or yaojing is a Chinese term that generally means "demon". Yaoguai are mostly malevolent animal spirits or fallen celestial beings that have acquired magical powers through the practice of Taoism. The evil ones are usually referred to as ''guài'' or ''mó'' in Chinese. Their greatest goal is achieving immortality and thus deification.
In Journey to the West, the demons seek this mostly by the abduction and consumption of a holy man .

Not all ''yaojing'' are actually demons; some others are of quite unusual origins. In the case of Bai Gu Jing, she was a skeleton that became such a demon.
Many ''yaojing'' are , or according to the Journey to the West, pets of the deities.
There are also ''yaoguai'' kings that command a number of lessor demon minions.

In Chinese folklore, the Chinese hell is a place that is populated by various demonic spawns. Most of these demons are influenced by the Indian raksasa or yaksa and therefore bear some similarity with the Japanese .

In Japanese, ''yaoguai'' are known as yōkai .

Famous ''yaoguai'' in Chinese mythology:

*Bai Gu Jing - literally, "white bone spirit"
*Niu Mo Wang - literally, "bull demon king"
*Pipa Jing and Jiutou Zhiji Jing - in ''Fengshen Yanyi''

Note: Sun Wukong uses this term often to insult his adversaries.

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