Thursday, September 11, 2008

Peng (mythology)

Peng is the Romanization of the Chinese character for a mythological bird.

The character, 鵬, is comprised of and .


In Chinese mythology, the Peng and Kun :
:There lived a kind of giant mysterious fish in the northern sea. These fish are called ''Kun''. Nobody knows how big these fish actually are. They can turn into giant birds. When they are in bird form, they are known as ''Peng''. Nobody knows how big these birds actually are. When they fly, their wings are like the colorful clouds in the sky. When there is a storm in the northern sea, the Peng will fly to the southern sea. They travel three thousand in one flap of their wings. They can fly for six months without rest.

Note: the southern sea mentioned in the story is also known as .

Famous people named Peng

The Chinese word Peng symbolizes ambitions and great accomplishments. This word is commonly used as a given name in China. Several important Chinese politicians are named Peng. In contrast, the word Kun is seldom used.

*Li Peng
*Yue Fei
*Ji Pengfei
*Xiao Peng
*Bi Dapeng (毕大鹏)

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